What is Lohalo?

Lohalo is a location specific messaging application. In Lohalo a message is only available within 10 miles (max) radius from sender location. It's a unique and different way of connecting people around a location with common interests.

Lohalo connects people by matching the message hashtags or keywords with the other user's interest(tag) within 10 miles (max) radius. If any hashtag or keyword matches, the users will receive notification via email and/or mobile app notification.

Some basic examples

  • User lost his Dog, sent the message around on Lohalo and added the tag as Dog DogFound. He will start receiving the messages around his location if the message contains Dog or DogFound hashtag/keyword.
  • User is interested in yardsale/garagesale around his home and added the tag as YardSale GarageSale. He will start receiving the messages around his location if the message contains YardSale or GarageSale hashtag/keyword.

Users can add and remove the tags whenever they want and they can also have multiple locations and will receive notifications from all locations.

How and when Location is detected?

Since Lohalo is a location specific messaging application, it requires user location information and it detects location with user permission.

Lohalo detects user Locations:

  • Automatically - When user opens up the application for the first time.
  • Manually Requested - Whenever user requested to update the current location.
  • Manually Entered - User can enter the address to set the Location.

Detected Location information is in the form of geolocation, a position on the Earth in terms of longitude and latitude. To provide better user experience, application translates the longitude and latitude into a readable address and displays it as location.

Similarly, if user manually enters the address, the application tries to translate address into longitude and latitude.

Lohalo does not detect user location without permission and It's not shared with other users or any 3rd party.

How to add/remove saved Locations?

User can add/remove saved Locations from Manage Locations ( left side icon to Location field).

How to add/remove saved Tags?

User can add/remove saved Tags from message itself. Default tags can also be changed from Account tab. User can also add/remove and group tags from Manage Tags ( left side icon to search field).

What is Radius?

Radius controls the message recipients; users must be within the message radius to receive it. A message can be sent from min 0.1 mile (528 ft.) to max 10 miles (52800 ft.).

What is Shout-out and Shout-down?

A message in Lohalo is available to any user within the message radius. To promote better usage Lohalo implemented the features of Shout-out and Shout-Down. It’s very much similar as Like and Unlike but it also increases or decreases the radius of the messages.

Impact of Shout-out/Shout-down on message radius

  • Shout-out - If a message receives a shout-out by other user the message radius is increased by the difference (Max 10 mi.) between message sender and shout-out user location.
  • Shout-down - If a message receives a shout-down by other user the message radius is decreased by the 10% of the difference between message sender and shout-down user location.

To promote best use of Lohalo application and for spam protection we encourage users to give shouts to other messages. If a message receives lots of shout-outs the message radius is increased and available to more users. Similarly, if a message received lots of shout-downs the message radius could become 0 and no other user can see the message.

How to stop receiving notifications?

User can remove the tags for which he doesn’t want to receive the notifications and can also change notification preference in settings to stop all notifications.

How to block users?

User can hide the other users from message itself. Once hidden both users can't receive any new messages from each other. User can unhide from Settings tab.

How to delete Lohalo Account?

User can delete his profile and all the related data from Account tab.