Lohalo - LOcalHALO
An Application Based On Location and Hashtags

Lohalo application simple use the message's location and its hashtag to deliver the message to other users, providing an instant and unique way to communicate with people based on common interests without the contact information. A far better way to communicate based on location and interests.

In Lohalo, a message can be sent up to 10 miles (minimum 0.1 miles) and it is received by other users if they are within the message radius and are interested in same topics (hashtags).

A message can be sent as:

Standard – Send message to all users if they are within the message radius and interested in same hashtags.

Nearby – Send Message to all Users if they are within the message radius of 0.5 mi. (2640 ft.) or less.

Anonymous – Send message as anonymous without sender profile information.

Private - Send message privately to users who are interested in same hashtags. These type of message are not visible to everyone.

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KillerStartups - Lohalo, A Better Way To Connect With The People Around You

Trying to share a message where it matters most – locally – is still a big challenge when it comes to communicating online.

Twitter? Too easy for the message to be buried underneath the other tweets that pile up so quickly. Same holds true for Facebook posts. Email? Hard to say when someone will get to it. Craigslist? A simple tool for posting information, but a dreadful tool for communicating.

Meet Lohalo, a location-specific messaging app for communicating with people nearby. Read More

GreatApps - Lohalo, a location specific messaging application

There are countless apps to download in the social network category. Many of these apps promise a different experience, yet most fail to deliver. Lohalo is an app that seems to be adding a new twist in connecting people.

Lohalo is a location specific app and is designed to connect with other app users that are located within a 10 miles radius from the sender's location. The unique feature of Lohalo is that the message recipients are matched based on hashtags/keywords used by the sender in the message. In the past few years people have become immersed in their Smartphone's and it seems that connecting with people in your local community has really become a lost cause. Sometimes the most exciting things might be happening in the town that you reside in.

Lohalo works by allowing people to connect by matching hashtags. It's a simple messaging app to connect people with common interests. Read More

Appolicious - Location Based Messaging with Lohalo

As location services become more integrated with apps as witnessed with games and social networks, developers are continuously attempting to find ways to enable location settings to differentiate from rival apps. Just as Pokemon Go and Snapchat has successfully combined their respective categories with location services, Lohalo is another messaging app in this space which carries user specific location data through messages to find those with similar interests.

With Lohalo, a user can successfully send a message to others only if they are within a 10 miles radius of each others location. This makes the app extremely differentiated as it solely connects individuals around a location with common interests. By matching location along with additional data such as keywords and hashtags, the app brings together different users who share common interests within the same area. Read More

A New Way To Connect With Locals Who Share Common Interests

Lohalo, a mobile and web-based location-specific social messaging application that allows users to communicate with others in their local area who share common interests, announced today the release of their platform.

The app is designed to connect users based on location as well as hashtags or keywords. By including a parameter that limits message availability to users within 10-mile maximum radius of the sender's location and recipients notification based on hashtags or keywords in message, Lohalo ensures that messages are hyper-relevant to a local audience who share common interests.

The Lohalo platform provides an alternative to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where users receive all posted messages simultaneously and often find themselves buried by a constant flow of irrelevant posts and updates. Lohalo also offers an improvement in peer-to-peer communication over location-oriented sites such as Craigslist. Read More

Immediately locate people near you with the same interests using this smart app

Lohalo is a location specific app that is designed to connect people that are within a 10 mile radius. One of the unique features of Lohalo is that the message recipients using the app are matched based on hashtags/keywords used by the sender in the message. This is an important feature to reach other users with the same interests.

“The local focus is particularly useful for those looking to connect with others who want to engage in or are interested in a similar activity -- such as seeking participants for a recreational sport such as tennis, creating awareness for a charity event, posting or searching for anything from roommate listings to yard sales to lost pets, and many more.” stated Mirza Asghar founder and creator of the Lohalo app.

While using the Lohalo app, users do not have to disclose any personal identity information. In fact other users will not be able to discover anyone's exact location, just the zip code of other app users. The developer of the app felt it was important to keep security in mind, yet also wanted to create an app that is effective. Read More

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